As a team our experience exceeds 25 plus years and varies from working within the NZ Army to running a well-known dog rehabilitation centre in Auckland, New Zealand and even South Africa. The combination of our team provides a varied array of disciplines, training and techniques meaning we can fit the training to the dog not the other way around.



Ryan Palmer-Kiddell

Owner, Head Trainer and behaviourist


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Our training methods

My professional experience over the last six years varies from working within the NZ Army to running a well-known dog rehabilitation center in Auckland, New Zealand. These roles have taught me vast skills, disciplines, and training techniques, resulting in over 70 five star reviews and hundreds of happy clients each year. The absolute best reward as a business owner is satisfied clients(and happy dogs)! We have incredibly effective methods to train and create a well-behaved member of your family. In short, our structure consists of the following: - Excercise - A sound house management system - Correct socializing with people, dogs, and environments - Good reliable basic obedience on and off-leash The above combination creates a well-rounded dog. We believe in real dog training! Dogs must know what right and wrong looks like. If this line is not defined, they can develop unruly behavior and learnings, which for the owner can be challenging to break. Our training is based on a fair system. We reward good behavior and disapprove of bad. Here at Good Dog, we enjoy a challenge! So do a lot of work involving rescue dogs, where there is uncertainty around their background, and more intensive training is required. We specialize in power breeds along the likes of German Shepards, Rottweilers, Staffordshire terriers, Dobermans, Labradors, to name a few. Our success comes from a deep understanding of dog behavior, what there needs are, and how to apply real dog training to the problem at hand. We are hard-working, consistent, and we will work with you to get you the dog of your dreams. Our passion and mission is to help all dogs, no matter what the behavior!

Calling Good Dog Training was the best call I ever made

called Good Dog Training after seeking help with other trainers who I felt didn't really listen or take the time to understand our issues - they bundled us up into a box which didn't address the issues we were having. Our rescue pup began to grow into a strong, dominant dog and I was unable to control when walking out in public - certainly not even contemplate letting off leash. Others immediately compartmentalized his issues as dog on dog aggression. Ryan was calm, supportive and understanding of our situation and provided some honest advice, practical tips and insight into the reasons behind some of the behaviors we were seeing. He truly has an amazing way with animals (and people).

What People Say

First walk after one session with Ryan. Waking happily together in collars and leads, ignoring the barking dogs, the cars and the jogger who ran right past! Thank you so much, much happier dogs and much much happier owner!

Happy Owners

Ryan was great and a huge help to me and Dexter I was starting to not want to walk him because of the pulling and issues whenever another dog came around the corner. He took me through what to do in these situations and explained everything so well. He has been there every step of the way keeping in touch. Our walks are now the best part of my day I highly recommend Good Dog Training to anyone that could do with some guidance with training your dog.

Great Service!

Highly Highly rate Good Dog Training. Ryan and Amber really work well together at providing excellent dog training and all round doggie services. Ryan’s attitude with the dogs, firm but fear, worked a treat with my hunterways who were trying to rule the roost far too much. If you are lucky enough to get your dog in for training with Ryan you won’t regret it