Finding forever homes for deserving dogs.

Our mission

Here at Good Dog Training, we really do love dogs, and we want to help create a change. There is a missing link between dog behavior, dog training, and dog adoption.

We believe that rescuing a dog is not just finding him or her a forever home but taking these dogs in and rebuilding their life skills as dogs, building up their confidence, and setting them up to succeed with their new well-suited owner.

We want to bridge this gap by fully training our rescue dogs from ground up, ensuring they are 100% dog, world, and people social, as well as having a solid obedience before they can be considered for adoption. This process may take two weeks, but it may also take eight months, even a year, no matter how long and how much work each individual dog needs we will give it, you can not rush individuality.

Alongside our adoption process, we will supply full training for new owners and ongoing support to our rescues and their new families should any questions arise along the way. Its simple, create sound happy, balanced dogs and educate as many people as we can along the way.

We are open to collaborating on projects with you! The more we can help and work with other rescue organizations, fosters, owners, and businesses, the more people we can reach, teach, and grow the knowledge around dog psychology, behavior and training.

To get in touch email Amber at or phone 021 137 4143


Chief is with us on behalf of Chain dog Rehabilitation and re-homing. Chief has had a pretty long road leading up to landing on his feet here with us, with his group of guardian angels keeping an eye on him and finally getting him to this point.

Chief loves people, and will be someones best mate. Chief will do best in a single dog, he can be okay with cats if introduced properly.

Chief will need a confident and strong leader, to show him the ropes and not treat him like a baby, but treat him like the confident, balanced and happy dog he is.

To find out about adopting chief check out Click Here


We are training Lilly on behalf of Saving hope foundation.

Lilly will be fully socialized, house trained, on and off-leash trained after completing her training with us. Upon adoption, we will also run through the basics of house management and settling Lilly into your family to ensure ease of adoption and getting the best out of Lilly. She is a super fun-loving dog and is a fast learner. She will make a great a great companion for someone who enjoys walks and Runs, Lilly is on the higher energy level side so will need a more active family or owner.


We are advertising Cola on behalf of a long time client.

Cola has been regularly attending Good Dog Training for well over a year. He is a Rotti X Lab

Cola is an energetic and affectionate dog, he loves walks or going wherever you go, he doesn’t like being home alone for longer than a few hours and as I’m returning to work we need Cola somewhere he will be happy during the day. He is protective and intelligent and would do anything for a treat. We have a 1-year-old and is great with her. He has built his confidence up in the water now and loves to go for a shallow dip in the ocean.

Cola has had a lot of time spent training him and caring for him, it is due to changes in circumstance that his owners feel he deserves a person to be his and has all the time in the world for him.

Cola is a good boy, and deserves an owner that has the time for him to be their number 1 priority.

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