Our Board & Train Programs are an intense lifestyle training program, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week at our training center.

3 Week Obedience training & Behavior Modification LOCKDOWN SPECIAL.

This service is recommended if you are wanting nothing but the best for your dog, our training is designed to create a well behaved and balanced dog that listening to you regardless of the situation, or what is going on around him/her.

The Board & Train program is great for people who are needing a bit of extra help, some dogs can be tricky and need some expert help to give them a push in the right direction.

The daily structure consists of

3-5 hours of daily training

Walks through populated areas

Daily on-leash obedience training

Off-leash obedience training

Minor & Major behavioral modification

Re-socializing with other dogs

Building confidence around other dogs

Socializing with humans & children.

What training methods do we use?

Each dog is different, and each approach to the training will be slightly different; some dogs may start timid or very insecure, and others very bolshie. We will manipulate the training to suit each dog's needs to ensure we get the best possible results.

Reward-based training - Is used to teach your dog new behaviors, build confidence in your dog, and build a relationship with the handler and create more energy in the dog.

Leash conditioning - Clams dogs, making it easier to work with behavioral issues. It also allows us to correct unwanted behaviors and put boundaries in place through consequences.

Teaching your dog what pressure means is an essential part of re-training, as dogs communicate with one another through pressure, whether it is nipping, mouthing, or ruff & tumbling. Once the dog understands what pressure should mean, you will find your dog copes with stressful situations correctly.

E-collar - The e-collar is an invisible version of the leash, once the dog has been conditioned correctly on a leash we can then layer the remote collar over the commands tort, allowing us to communicate from a distance and with the touch of a button. The other capability is it enables us to transfer the training from one person to the next, making the handover from us to you (the owner) very effective.

During the training period your dog will learn to:

  • Walk politely on a leash

  • Stay in a position when told

  • Wait at doorways

  • Come back when called regardless of what is going on around you

  • Be calm in the house and kennel

  • Walk on a treadmill

  • Correctly interact with dogs

  • The place command

  • Sit, Down commands

  • Leadership skills, your dog will learn proper pack order with humans eliminating a lot of pushy behavior

Other reasons you may consider this package

  • Your dog doesn’t listen

  • You struggle to get your dog back

  • Your dog escapes your property

  • Your dog may be hyperactive & struggle to focus

  • Your dog has killed another animal

  • Your dog is showing aggression towards other dogs

  • Your dog is showing aggression towards people

  • Your dog may have separation anxiety

  • Your dog may be nervous & anxious in new situations

  • Your dog chases things that move, shadows, motorbikes

  • Your dog is fearful of new things, new people or sounds

  • Your dog is unpredictable

For best possible results it is crucial that you are open and honest with us during your assessment. The more we know the better we can tailor the training.

Some aggression cases may an extra week or two, depending on how serve the issue is.

On average per week your dog will receive a total of:

8x 40 minute obedience sessions per week

4x Structured walks ranging from forest walks to busy areas.

5x Socialising sessions

and any extra sessions needed to make ensure we are progressing forward with the training.

Price was $4200 Now $2800

This includes all training equipment needed, kennelling, pre-assess, Handover, you also get ongoing access to our board and train, exclusive, monthly training class for FREE.
We will also provide on going phone or email support for as long as you need. Extra week was $950 now $750 sometimes needed for harder cases.

Offer ends May 31st limited spaces available each Month EXTENDED for anything booked in, prior TO THE END OF JUNE!!!

Obedience and Socialising program 


3 x obedience classes @ 1.5hr

 5 - Day intensive board and train/socialising

 Training lead 


We have combined our two most successful and highly sought-after training programs, our obedience class, combined with our exclusive board and train program. 

This class is slightly different from any other. First, we will do a 1.5hr class on Saturday, teaching you about house management, basic dog care, leash handling skills, and the basics of dog psychology and behaviour.

We give you one week to work on these basic ground rules at home with your dog preparing for the next stage.

Next, your dog will stay with us for seven days, full time from Saturday - Saturday. We will give your dog a significant push in the right direction, putting their training with you, into hyper drive. We will focus on socialising your dog with other dogs, learning to listen around distractions, and perfecting commands.. 

Building relationships with new people, creating overall a well-balanced and happy dog.

This course is more hands-on and interactive for the owners, and while we work your dog through the sticky points, you are the real trainer in this program learning the ins and outs of dog behaviour.


This course is perfect for:

Owners that want to be more involved in the training process

Owners that have been working hard but are finding themselves not seeing the results at home alone

Owners struggling with obedience

Owners struggling with leash walking

Any dog owner wanting professional dog training help


This course is not suitable for:

Severe aggression

Dogs that have had a menacing dog conviction

Dogs that are uncontrollable around groups of people or dogs

*** If this is you, you will need to seek one on one training help first or look at our full board and train courses. ***


Cost $840 


Start dates, spaces are limited: May 23rd, June 4th, August 1st and September 5th.

5 to 10 day Socialising 


This course does not include obedience training, it is solely focused on socialising.

This course is great for dogs that may be:

  • Reactive on lead
  • Nervous and lack confidence
  • Your not worried about obedience but want a social dog
  • Minor reactivity towards dogs

This course will involve a jam packed 5 - 10 days of leash walks in busy areas and socialising with well over 100 other social dogs over this period. They will be guided and taught what is and what is not appropriate dog greeting and play. 

Price includes a 1 hour hand over training session

Does not include equipment or follow up training session but these can be purchased separately.

**This course is not suitable for severe anxiety or aggression

$600 - $1200

Click here for an overview of our Board and Train program (Can vary depending on dog's needs)

Initial Assessment

An initial assessment to see what your dog may need while they stay with us. What our trainer recommends, we can give you an accurate idea on what program, time frame and cost looks like for your dog. You will receive an overview of what to expect out of board and train. Feel free to bring along any questions you may have.


On Leash Heeling

Involves training your dog to walk through high distraction areas and to ignore the other dogs or people present while they are on the lead. At the end of the three weeks, your dog is a lot calmer and has a controlled manner of walking.

Off Leash Recall

Off leash recall is a real luxury, perfect for those extremely high energy dogs; allowing so much more freedom while exercising. You will gain complete confidence while out with your dog, knowing you can call them back at any time.

Sit / Down / Stay

These three basic commands will make life with your puppy a lot easier. Incredibly useful when there are high distractions present, as it teaches your puppy to listen to you. It is a true bonus to teach this at a young age as these commands are a real necessity for every single pet owner.

Place Command

Teaches your dog to sit in one space and to not move until they are told. Ideal if your dog is a counter surfer, a beggar at meal times, a door charger, constantly underfoot, jumps on the furniture or roams the house looking for things to get into, teaching a solid Place Command will take away ALL of those options and give your dog something else to focus his energy on. If your dog is stressed, anxious or nervous, teaching a solid Place Command will help them to cope with their surroundings.

Distraction Training

This ensures your dog remains focused on your commands when encountering a variety of different environments and distractions. This is incredibly useful if your dog has the tendency to chaise other dogs (or balls) out in public, bolts while they are off lead in the bush, or constantly annoys your pet cat. The three-week package covers the basics of distraction training, whereas the 4-6 week program covers it a lot more in-depth.


Putting a stop to unwanted behaviors. Basically, if you have tried everything to get them to stop and they are still doing it! Anything from eating things off the table, jumping, whining, digging, and chewing. We will also show you how to reinforce the training to prevent these from coming back.


Once your dog has been rehabilitated, we shall introduce them to the other dogs at Day Care, under a safe environment, and they will learn the best way to act and behave around other dogs. A staff member shall always be present during these interactions.

Behavior Modifications

During the initial assessment you can let us know of some specific issues you may be facing with your dog and we can work this into their program. Behavior modifications are used to We have various techniques that work for dogs to listen to your commands as well as changing their attitude to how they.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety within dogs is incredibly common. For most animals this is very uncomfortable, if not treated these behaviors greatly impact the happiness of your pet. You will notice separation anxiety when your dog continuously cries whilst you are out of the house, they may be chewing things at home, peeing inside, or trying to escape from the property while nobody is home. Depending on the varying level of separation anxiety will depend on how we approach the situation, however the following techniques


Dog aggression may not be the easiest problem to solve because it can take some commitment. But with the right plan, you can change your dog’s behavior for the better in the majority of cases.

But success depends entirely on these factors:

  1. The right methods used
  2. The history of the dog (how intense the aggression is, how long the aggression has gone on for, etc.)
  3. Committing to make change happen. As the owner it is crucial that the work we do is continued at home so as to ensure that your dog receives consistency and is not confused as to the expectation.

Please don't hide any details, every encounter or minor incident matters and will help us create the best plan for your dog. If you choose not to fully disclose your dogs behaviour, this may cause us to need more time and cost you more money as there are no cutting corners when it comes to dealing with a living, breathing, soulful animal.

Two Hour Hand Over Session

During our 2 hour hand over, we will give you an overview on all that has been taught, creating a training method for you to continue with going forward. You’ll learn how to correctly walk your dog on and off lead, the commands they have learned, various behavior modifications to continue, reward based training, correct use of the remote e-collar, and some pointers specific to your dog. It will give you complete confidence to control your dog in all situations and to continue the training consistently at home.

A retraining, or relearning program should offer a systematic – and positive – approach to changing your dog’s behavior. And while you may consult a trainer or behaviorist, you are ultimately the one who will carry out the program with your dog so it is important you understand what is involved and you have the support you need to carry it our effectively.

One Hour Follow Up Session

Around three weeks after the training is completed, we will meet again, touching on any areas that you feel you may need help with. We will make sure everything is running smoothly since we last met and that you are happy with the service.

Guaranteed Phone And Email Support

Once a client at Good Dog Academy, you will always be a part of our family. As a part of this service, we offer ongoing support via phone and email after training.