Our kennels are different to any other. We keep our numbers low so we can keep our standards high. All of our kennel dogs join our day care packs so rest assured they are happy, exercised out in the field playing and splashing in the pond.

Long and Short stay

Our kennels are equipped to have one dog per kennel space. Your pet will be housed in a clean space and will only be kept inside this area during their nightly sleep.

Kennel dogs spend majority of every day in the four-acre fields; socializing, playing and tiring themselves out with New friends..

With both Ryan and Amber living on the property, as well as camera surveillance you can be confident that your dog is safe and well looked after 24/7.

As a pre-requisite for kennel dogs, we ask they attend a trial day prior to their stay. This is primarily to ensure that they are going to be comfortable staying with us and that each individual dog is safe. Rest assured, we never turn a dog away. If necessary, we will work with you while your dog is here (at an additional cost) to create a plan in order to bring your dog to a balanced and social level.

Whether a short- or long-term stay, and with our high standards, you can be confident that your dog will be enjoying a holiday too.

What to bring?

We ask you to provide your dogs own food, this way we do not cause and GI upsets from a change of diet.

We DO NOT allow RAW FOOD due to hygiene reasons. You may like to bring dehydrated raw food as a substitute, brands like K9 naturals are available in most animate stores.

$45 per full Day. Monday – Sunday
$65 per day Puppies under 5.5 months

Drop off and pick up hours

Monday - Friday: 7am - 9:30am & 3:30pm - 6pm

Saturday: 8am - 9am

Sunday & public holidays: 4pm - 5pm