Classes are a great way to meet like-minded people and give your dogs a chance to socialise in a controlled environment.

Puppy training

Ages up to 5.5 Months

This class consists of one 2 hour group session followed by 3 day care socialising days. We train you, but then we also train your puppy in doggy life skills.

Our puppy classes are very different to most. Giving you a chance to learn the basic obedience and structure required to create a strong relationship with your pet from a young age and set your pup up with good socialising skills and confidence. We focus on your puppy and its natural needs to grow up being balance, happy, confident and obedient.


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Obedience Class

This course consists of 3 x 1.5 hour group sessions. REAL WORLD TRAINING. Ideal for ages 6 Months & Up

This course is designed for seamless communication between yourself and your dog, correcting unwanted behaviours and replacing them with new.

Not only is there a focus on teaching obedience commands, dogs are, more importantly encouraged to make good choices on their own with a calm state of mind.

Learning within a group is great as your dog will also be more relaxed in interacting with other dogs.

We will also help you with any minor dog reactivity, please do note If your dog is very reactive, a one on one session would yield far more beneficial results.


Marker training uses words or sounds to communicate or signal to the dog that he is doing something correctly or incorrectly. The words or sounds mark a specific moment in time when the dog performs an action or behavior. It’s feedback for the dog in its simplest form. Verbal marker words clear up and improve communication in training and streamline the training process.

On Leash Heeling

Involves training your dog to walk through high distraction areas and to ignore the other dogs or people present. By the end of your sessions, your dog will be a lot calmer with a controlled manner of walking.


The following basic commands shall be covered by the end of the three weeks

  • Go to bed command
  • Down and Stay
  • Sit and Stay
  • Come when called
  • Leave command


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Obedience and Socialising program

3 x obedience classes  1.5hr long

5 Day overnight intensive board and train/socialising

Training lead

We have combined our two most successful and highly sought-after training programs, our obedience class, combined with our exclusive board and train program.

This class is slightly different from any other. First,together we will do a 1.5hr class on Saturday, teaching you about house management, basic dog care, leash handling skills, and the basics of dog psychology and behaviour.

We give you one week to work on these basic ground rules at home with your dog preparing for the next stage.

Next, your dog will stay with us for seven days, full time from Saturday - Saturday. We will give your dog a significant push in the right direction, putting their training with you, into hyper drive. We will focus on socialising your dog with other dogs, learning to listen around distractions, and perfecting commands.

We then have our pick up session after their board and train stay. Session 2 where we run through their training with you and practice to get things right.

Session 3 we will work on any last sticky points you are finding in your training at home and get things perfect for you.


This course is more hands-on and interactive for the owners, and while we work your dog through the sticky points, you are the real trainer in this program learning the ins and outs of dog behaviour.

Our main goal is building relationships with new people, creating overall a well-balanced and happy dog.

This course is perfect for:

Owners that want to be more involved in the training process

Owners that have been working hard but are finding themselves not seeing the results at home alone

Owners struggling with obedience

Owners struggling with leash walking

Any dog owner wanting professional dog training help

This course is not suitable for:

Severe aggression

Dogs that have had a menacing dog conviction

Dogs that are uncontrollable around groups of people or dogs

*** If this is you, you will need to seek one on one training help first or look at our full board and train courses. ***


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